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Dr Hugh Robertson

Hugh Robertson is 86 yrs old. He is presenting a program of voice with piano accompaniment at the Trinity Artist Series on Sunday, August 25, at 5 pm. Hugh is a light baritone, and he will share the program with Vicki Fisk, soprano, Beth Staples, alto, and Steven Edwards at the piano. Hugh has presented half dozen such programs at the Trinity Artist Series over the years; at first with the late well known lawyer and Tulane professor of law, Julian Murray, and afterwards with various other vocalists. Hugh specializes in songs of the British Isles: Scotland, Ireland, Wales, with occasional forays into the light classics. He has performed for gatherings of organizations he belongs to in various cities of the US and internationally: Scotland, Germany and elsewhere. He is a longtime member of The Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Jerusalem and The Order of Militaris Teutonicus. These societies have a membership of about 3K here and abroad.

Hugh is a Dr of radiology. He worked at Charity for 35 years. He has 7 academic and medical degrees in his chosen profession and also in math and such subjects as tropical disease. He has 20/20 vision and drives to attend concerts and classes.

A paper Hugh published in 1988 has been rediscovered and will be published in a journal of radiology in September.

Hugh is self effacing and very deferential. But as a person his life is inspirational: one of the quiet heroes that form the backbone of this wonderful city.

All are invited to attend the concert - free of charge

Enjoy the following recordings at this link.  They are superb! Bach Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor and Handel Sarabande.....

A beautiful photo of Albinas and Manon, photo credit to Brett Duke - just lovely.


The Trinity Artist Series is a weekly celebration of the arts on Sunday afternoons at Trinity Episcopal Church in New Orleans.  For nearly 30 years, the Trinity Artist Series has brought a wealth of talent to this concert series which is open to the community and free of charge.


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