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Thanks to all of the performers and the attendees of the 2018 Annual Bach Around The Clock music festival.  We are humbled by the magnificence of the performances and the attention of all those who visited with us during the 29 hr marathon.

Here are several wonderful reviews we have received from the event that we would like to share with you. 

Thoughts on BATC

A Heartful Thank

Another Gracious Thank You!

Exciting News - and Thank You!

With you help, Bach Around the ClockTM (BATC) is getting its own documentary.  More specifically, a documentary about the passionate work of Albinas, Manon, their son Albinas Jehan, the exceptional Trinity Episcopal Church, and its organ.  The documentary will be released soon in 2018 and tells the story of Albinas’s and Manon's passionate commitment to family, community service, Trinity Episcopal Church—and the organ, of course!  It will be titled “The Heart is an Organ.”

In Albinas's words, BATC is all about community, humanity, and its aspirations all packed into this little ball called BATC.  The Prizgintas family together choreographed the birth and growth of BATC as a community affair where musicians and artists could share their gifts with the local and worldwide community.

The film has already been mostly shot and will include many of the BATC performances during the March 24-25, 2017 performance.  They recently won a grant from CREATELouisiana and the New Orleans Film Society that will match their fundraising on Kickstarter dollar for dollar up to $5,000.  WE HAVE REACHED THE GOAL!!

Please visit Kickstarter at or go to for more info.  We've reached over $5,000 already - and could not have done this without your help.  Humbly we thank you.  With your help, Touchdown!!!

If you’re so inclined, you can join their mailing list to be kept up-to-date on all the happenings with the movie.

Enjoy the following recordings at this link.  They are superb! Bach Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor and Handel Sarabande.....

A beautiful photo of Albinas and Manon, photo credit to Brett Duke - just lovely.
The Trinity Artist Series is a dynamic community musical event, flourishing now for nearly three decades, under the artistic direction of both Albinas and Manon Prizgintas.  You are invited to join in the celebration of the arts and music.  

And, of course, Organ and Labyrinth!  Tuesdays at 6PM.

Welcome to the Trinity Artist Series


Albinas and Manon "retired" after 28 years of service at Trinity Episcopal Church but will still be managing the activities for the Trinity Artist Series, Jazz Vespers and the famous Bach Around the Clock Festival annual event!


Join us in celebrating their official quasi-retirement and enjoy the photos of the Trinity Church receptions as covered by both the Times-Picayne and the New Orleans Advocate:


Time-Picayune Photo Gallery

Join us on November 6th for the incredible Aurora Saxophone Ensemble!


The Trinity Artist Series is a weekly celebration of the arts on Sunday afternoons at Trinity Episcopal Church in New Orleans.  For nearly 30 years, the Trinity Artist Series has brought a wealth of talent to this concert series which is open to the community and free of charge.


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The Times-Picayune summarizes the spirit of this artist series in one of their recent articles published May 10th, 2012 here in this link