Trinity Artist SeriesTM

Maestro Albinas Prizgintas

Manon Prizgintas  (Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres)


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March 2020 Schedule - CANCELLED

Every Tuesday - Join us for Organ & Labyrinth - Albinas Prizgintas plays the 5,000-pipe tracker organ with ambient lighting and occasional guest musicians. From Baroque to Pop and Beyond. Since Katrina, a unique and magical distinctively New Orleans musical meditation. All are welcomed. See for more details.

No Organ and Labyrinth - And all concerts and the Bach Around the Clock is Cancelled this year - due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Don't worry - we'll see you soon.  Be safe and secure.


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Albinas Prizgintas  -   504 670 2520  -

Manon Prizgintas  -  504 606 3442  -

Trinity Episcopal Church - 1329 Jackson Avenue - New Orleans